Totin Chip and Firemans Chit

When packing for a scouting trip, some scouts may need to bring knives, axes, or lighters, while other scouts may not carry these items. When using ScoutPackster, scouts should select whether they have the Totin Chip and/or Firemans Chit so the app knows what to recommend them to pack.

After first downloading the app, ScoutPackster will not tell you to pack knives, axes, lighters, or matches (items that are only allowed after a scout has the correct permission). Once a scout has earned the Totin Chip or Firemans Chit (or has already earned either before downloading the app), simply follow these instructions to enable/disable the restricted items:

  1. Open the ScoutPackster app on your iOS device
  2. Click on the menu button (☰)
  3. Click on the Settings button
  4. Find the section labeled "RESTRICTED ITEMS"
  5. Enable/Disable to toggle switches for the two restricted items
When the toggle switch is enabled for a specific restricted item, the item will be added to new packing lists that are created.

Note: the item will not be added to existing packing lists.

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