Temperature Unit of Measurement

The ScoutPackster app uses the average temperature of your trips to determine what gear is needed for the trip. The ScoutPackster app currently supports the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales. After first installing ScoutPackster, the app will default to using the Fahrenheit scale, however if you desire the app to display temperatures in Celsius, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open the ScoutPackster app on your iOS device
  2. Click on the menu button (☰)
  3. Click on the Settings button
  4. Find the section labeled "TEMPERATURE"
  5. Click on the button labeled "Unit"
  6. Select "Celsius"
After changing the setting, ScoutPackster will always display temperatures in Celsius and will read temperatures on the Celsius scale when the temperatures are manually inputted.

If you want the app to use the Fahrenheit scale again, follow the instructions above and select "Fahrenheit" in the settings menu.

When manually entering temperatures (in case the trip is too many days away or the weather service is unavailable), ensure that the temperature setting is correct so that ScoutPackster can correctly analyze your temperature input.

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