ScoutPackster on iPads (Compatibility)

Many ScoutPackster users may wish to use their iPad in addition or instead of their iPod/iPhone to pack for camping trips. At this time, ScoutPackster is built for iPhone/iPod and compatible with iPad. This means two things. First, ScoutPackster is designed and built for any iPhone or iPod. The app should work seamlessly with these devices. However, the app is only compatible with iPads. This means that although the app is compatible and will run on iPads, it is not specifically designed for iPads. There may be some interface problems with the iPad, however the functionality of the app will still work correctly on iPads.

There are plans in the near future for ScoutPackster to be redesigned on the iPad so the app should work excellently with both iPods/iPhones and iPads.

Click Here to view status updates on the redesign of the ScoutPackster iPad interface.

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